Foundation 5 Special Minutes

Peter Fijn & Mary-RoseOn November 27th, the 5 Special Minutes foundation became a fact!

With all the attention that the `5 Special Minutes´ has been receiving since 2006, it seemed logical to take the readers´ quests farther. There is more to be united, more to be given, simply more to do!
Together with Mr. Peter Fijn from the notary office Het Notarieel in Deventer, external advices were drafted into a document which will strengthen us in the future. Mr. Fijn helped in facilitating an accurate, quick, to-the-point development of the foundation.

Goals of the 5 Special Minutes foundation:
  • Worldwide attention for (unknown) children in unjust and uncomfortable family circumstances by giving 5 special minutes of attention on December 24th from 23:55 until 00:00.
  • Make adults aware of the situation in which the youth of today live.
  • Gaining a worldwide clock which will begin the 5 special minutes for children in churches, media, radio and TV.
  • Collect services and money to promote the foundation.
  • Collect services and money to help the children, where the child does not have to ask for help him-/herself but outsiders and professionals may also ask for them.

girlQuests for help:

Each child has rights. These rights are guarded by official organizations, but every once in a while a child needs something that is not in the package. And where do they go then? When no organization will answer your specific cry for help, you can try the 5 Special Minutes Foundation.

To make us aware of your quest for help, you can use the contact form.
We will contact you as soon as possible. During this contact, we shall ask you specific questions.
Your application will be placed on the agenda of the next meeting.

Whether we can honor your request depends on a few aspects. Besides that, the treasurer shall have a large say in the approval!


In the case we will not be able to help, we wish you the very best of luck, and the child much strength and love.



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